Does LanguageTool support Google Sheets and Google Slides?

Sorry, Google Sheets (spreadsheets) and Google Slides (presentation) are some of the very few websites currently not supported by the LanguageTool extension.

En este momento, LanguageTool no funciona dentro de Google Sheets y Google Slides.


How do I uninstall the extension?

Visit the Chrome Web Store and click the Remove from Chrome button.

Visita la Chrome Web Store y haz clic en Remove from Chrome.


A wrong language is detected.

The automatic speech recognition generally works quite reliably, but there may be cases where this is not the case.

For texts up to 50 characters LanguageTool tries to detect only the languages spoken in the country the user comes from and which are stored in the browser settings. You can add more languages in the settings of your browser.

Normalmente LanguageTool reconoce el idioma en que escribes correctamente, pero hay casos donde esto no es cierto.

LangaugeTool intenta identificar solo los idiomas que se utilizan en el país de donde es el usuario y cuyos se encuentran en los ajustes. Puedes añadir más idiomas en los ajustes.