During the School Year
  1. Complete the work permit application in full to include the employer information and your parent or legal guardian’s signature.
  2. Return, via EMAIL, the signed application along with the following required documents. It is not possible to issue a work permit without your original signed Social Security card AND one of the following:
    • Original passport
    • Original birth certificate
    • California drivers license
    • California issued identification card
  3. Email your school site contact person for processing:
    • Boynton: Principal Sarah Thomas
    • Branham: Patricia Perez
    • Del Mar: Chasity Knight
    • Leigh: Liza Agustin
    • Prospect: Renee Ereno
    • Westmont: Roma Martwick
  4. Your work permit application will be processed within two business days.*
  5. Only the requesting student may pick up the official work permit.
  6. Take the original work permit to your place of employment.
Summer (Mid-June to 1st day of school)

Your high school can issue your summer work permit during the regular school year. See the instructions above. If your high school is closed for summer break, summer-only work permits will be issued from the District Office. 

Download the Work Permit Instructions and Application Form and email them along with scans of the required documents above to Jessica Morales via email to If you do not submit the required documents, your request cannot be processed. 

All requirements and procedures are the same as noted above except: Summer work permits will be ready the next business day and summer work permits expire 5 business days after the start of the new school year. 

Please refer to Information on minors and employment for any questions related to Work Permits for Minors.

Except in limited circumstances defined in law and summarized in the Child Labor Law Booklet, all minors under 18 years of age employed in the state of California must have a permit to work.

Prior to permitting a minor to work, employers must process a valid Permit to Employ and Work. The Permit to Employ and Work is issued on the same form. A Permit to Employ and Work in industries other than entertainment is usually issued by an authorized person at the minor’s school.

During summer months or when school is not in session, the work permit is obtained from the superintendent of the school district in which the minor resides.

Typically, after an employer agrees to hire a minor, the minor obtains from his or her or their school a Department of Education form entitled “Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit“. The form must be completed by the minor and the employer and signed by the minor’s parent or guardian and the employer. After returning the completed and signed form to the school, school officials may issue the permit to employ and work. Permits issued during the school year expire five days after the opening of the next succeeding school year and must be renewed.

September 14, 2020 Amended CA Ed Code pursuant to Work Permits


Additional Requirements

If a Work Experience student: 

* Shall complete and have all parties sign the Work Site Agreement

* Includes parent/guardian permission for approval of work hours and availability

If a Workability student (see a case manager for assistance):

  1. Original Social Security Card (copies not accepted)
  2. Proof of age (original birth certificate, birth registration, passport, or driver’s license)
  3. Student must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA
  4. Students shall have no outstanding bills at their home school

Home and Hospital Students

* Work permits issued by Sarah Thomas, Boynton High School

If you have been released to CACE and are under age 18, you must have the following:

  1. Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA
  2. Original Social Security card (copies not accepted)
  3. Proof of age (original birth certificate, birth registration, passport, or driver’s license)
  4. Letter on CACE letterhead stating student is enrolled, attending, and has been attending class for at least 2 weeks
  5. Students shall have no outstanding bills

For Private/Charter School Administrators

Complete CDE B1-8 Statement of Intent for Self-Certification for Permit to Employ and Work and CDE B1-1 Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age. Both located on this California Department of Education page. Contact information is provided on the form.