How do I uninstall Screencastify?

(WARNING: If you save your recordings locally and not to your Google Drive, they will be permanently deleted when you uninstall Screencastify. Export them first.)

To uninstall Screencastify, simply right-click the extension icon ( screencastify arrow icon ) in your browser and select Remove from Chrome.

If you are unable to see the Screencastify extension icon,  click here.

(Advertencia: Si no aguardas tus grabaciones en tu Google Drive, se borraran permanentemente cuando desinstales Screencastify. Exporta las grabaciones antes de desinstalar Screencastify.)

Para desinstalar Screencastify, haz clic derecho en el icono de la extensión ( screencastify arrow icon ) en Chrome y elige Remove from Chrome.

Si no puedes ver el icono de la extensión, haz clic aquí.